Other Services.

In co-ordination with my staff at PDA Ltd I can offer the following range of services.  In each case clicking on the blue hyperlink will take you directly to the home page of PDA Ltd.

Architectural Acoustics

PDA ‘s range of services includes all aspects of Schools, Cinemas, Entertainment Venues, Hotels, Offices, Residential, Courts, Hospitals, etc.

Auditoria Design

PDA uses CATT Acoustics to predict the acoustic behaviour of rooms.  This includes churches, theatres, lecture theatres, court rooms, libraries, offices, sports halls, and all types of performance spaces.

Building Services

PDA provides everything from baseline surveys, controlling noise to the rooms and the external environment, the control of structure-borne noise, and commissioning or diagnostic surveys.


PDA offer a full range of services from measuring ground borne vibration through to predicting the noise which this will produce in buildings.  We also provide monitoring and assessment of Hand Arm Vibration.

Occupational Noise

The measurement and assessment of occupational noise exposure and the design of noise control at source solutions is one area that PDA has expertise that truly excels.