Expert Evidence

I have considerable experience of providing expert evidence for a range of forums and purposes.  This includes:

In simple terms these fall into one of the four categories  Planning, Environmental, Licensing, or Construction issues.  Please click on the blue links to find out further information or use the navigation bar at the top of this page.

My evidence is substantially underpinned by my involvement in both British and International standards.  In most cases I sit on the BSI or ISO Committee which is responsible for the acoustic/noise standard that is being used and this gives weight to my evidence.  In Noise Nuisance cases, for example, I am the chairman of the BSI committee responsible for BS 4142 : 2014 - Method for Rating industrial noise affecting mixed residential and industrial areas.

You can download my CV by clicking here which will open in a new window.


I provide evidence for all stages and aspects of the planning process.  This includes site surveys, reports to support planning applications, negotiation of planning conditions. Having agreed the planning conditions I can then provide a report covering the design of mitigation measures and sound insulation schemes.


I provide evidence for use in noise nuisance cases including noise from industrial and commercial premises such as nightclubs, pubs, and concert venues.  These actions are usually taken under the Environmental Protection Act and the Control of Pollution Act and occasionally as a private or public prosecution.


I provide evidence for all types of licenses including Public Entertainment, Liquor and HGV licenses.


I provide evidence for all types of construction related issues from failure to meet the requirements of the Building Regulations Approved Document E through to International Tribunals on major infrastructure projects.